Firany Poznań, zasłony


1. We analyse your needs.
2. We make choices keeping in mind the space we are going to fill and the preferences of its inhabitants. We pick the perfect match from thousands of fabric and curtain rod samples.
3. We tell you about the functionality and maintenance of drapes, net curtains, Roman blinds, bed covers, cushions, tablecloths, roller blinds, pleated shades and rugs.
4. We produce your design.
5. We check whether our fabric colour scheme fits your home and take stock of the things we need.
6. We create an itemised estimate.
7. We sew your product.
8. We have curtain rods and fabrics put up under our watchful eye.
9. We maintain the fabrics (optional).
Accuracy is vital at each stage of the process. Without it, the value of the preceding stage would be compromised.
We therefore keep an in-house sewing shop. Its highly-experienced seamstresses will preshrink, iron, measure and sew up your product.